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Road Freight

Principalul mijloc de transport al mărfurilor în siguranță și la timp


We are determined to provide transportation services that differentiate us from our competitors. We have been providing road transport services for over 16 years and understand how important it is that your goods reach their destination safely and on time. Our team consists of experienced professional drivers and coordinators who optimize routes to reduce transport costs.

Our own fleet of over 30 trucks, part of the logistic transport process, is an advantage for your business. We offer our customers low costs for the entire transport process thanks to the complete package of services provided such as: warehousing, handling of goods with the help of our own machines, direct representation in the customs clearance process and others.

Our trucks are equipped with systems that reduce carbon emissions and have a minimal impact on the environment and also reduce costs due to low fuel consumption. Our coordinator for the transport operation is available 24/7 and monitors in real time the progress of the goods to their destination with the help of GPS systems mounted on each vehicle.

Important benefits

  • - One-stop shop for domestic and international transport
  • - Exchanges of containers with all sea lines and railways
  • - Financial protection of the load in case of damage under the CMR policy
  • - Special refrigerated containers for the transport of perishable goods
  • - Authorizations for oversized transport as well as escort where applicable
  • - Modern and environment-friendly trucks
  • - Our company policy is to prioritize sustainability and respect the environment in all our logistics operations.

Transparent Costs

Short waiting time

Experience in the field

Road transport coordinator