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Short history

Elvada Company

Elvada Company, founded in 2006, has become one of the leading logistics service providers in Romania. Due to our strategic location in one of the most significant ports in Eastern Europe, the city of Constanța, we swiftly consolidated the resources necessary to offer a comprehensive logistical solution.

Having access to a large network of partner companies on a global scale, our organization is recognized all over the industry for providing cutting-edge logistics services.

Utilizing our own resources, our primary goal is to create and carry out sustainable logistics projects that provide a full solution for "door-to-door" delivery of goods.

No matter where in the supply chain state your project is, our team can apply the optimal solutions to complete it.

Our logistics services are unique and an advantage for customers as we have our own customs clearance department, our own fleet of trucks and heavy machines, and our own warehouse.

Authorized by A.N.S.V.S.A & A.N.F

Our customs department keeps updated on the technical, health, safety, and environmental regulations for your goods and will assist you in certifying conformity. Fresh fruits, vegetables, and other plant materials, as well as animal-based products, need phytosanitary certifications for importation.

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Our values


We are determined to maintain the reputation we have earned nationally and internationally by providing premium logistics services
Our values


Our team analyzes all logistical aspects, customizing a package of services according to your needs
Our values


Due to our more than 16 years of activity in the logistics area, we are connected to a global network of partners
Why Us

Reasons why you must choose
Elvada Services

Depozitare -Antrepozitare

+45,000m2 space for cargo warehousing

Customs Support

Direct representation for customs authority

Road, sea and air transport

We have a full range of transport services

Constructions machines

Full range of machines for constructions

We prioritize sustainability in logistics

With each logistics project, we aim to reduce the ecological footprint of operations, such as CO2 emissions, noise pollution and the prevention of possible accidents. We are constantly looking for solutions for a balance between financial growth, environmental care and the health of the population.


Accreditations and Diplomas