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Customs Support

Echipa profesionistă și autorizată pentru operațiuni de vămuire


Elvada Company was among the first companies to obtain accreditation as an AEO member, and is internationally recognized for its high standards of professional competence, financial management and security.

Our licensed customs experts are up-to-date with the latest regulations and customs operations are carried out in a smooth, efficient and delay-free process.

Our clients choose us because of the proven efficiency in the import-export process and because of the complete package of logistics services that we can deliver.

We offer our customers all types of customs operations:
  • - Drafting import/export/transit declarations
  • - Calculation of related taxes (VAT/customs taxes)
  • - Representation in case of physical control at our one of the customs inspection ramps
  • - Consultancy for performing customs formalities and obtaining the necessary documents: Commercial invoice, import license, export license, certificate of origin, transport documents (sea/road/air)

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Customs support

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Customs Department

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